Precision Medicine Initiative

Challenge for the Underserved

​Q&A: Francis Collins on high hopes and a mad schedule for precision medicine

NIH Director Francis Collins hopes to enroll 1 million volunteers by 2019 in the Precision Medicine Initiative...

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About the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program


engaging underserved communities

Strong relationships

Leveraging strong relationships to bridge the gap with underserved communities:

  • With strong cultural awareness and intimate familiarity with underserved communities, we can bridge the gap and ensure patients, providers and community based organizations can benefit from Health IT

  • We have solid, long-standing relationships with public, private and non-profit entities needed to bring a comprehensive approach to bringing to bear the full weight of Health IT to underserved communities

Since 2008, NHIT Collaborative has focused on the elimination of health disparities and attainment of optimal health for multicultural underserved communities. NHIT Collaborative works in partnership with organizations and individuals to assure that members of these communities benefit fully from HIT advances.

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​White House Precision Medicine

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uniquely positioned

We are uniquely positioned to support the President's Precision Medicine Initiatives goals through this challenge.  Our partners have a history of collaborating to solve challenging healthcare issues.