Precision Medicine Initiative

Challenge for the Underserved


​​​​Precision Medicine for the Underserved
Announcing a challenge on “Advancing Health Equity through Precision Medicine Tools” 

The finalists include:

  • Melissa Clarke, MD, National Human Genome Center at Howard University           
    • “Developing a Telegenomics App for PGx Informed Medication Therapy Management”

  • Ysabel Duron, Latinas Contra Cancer; Laura Fejerman, PhD, UCSF          
    • “A Community Approach to Increase Knowledge and Engagement In Precision Medicine”


  • Arthur Henderson, Affinity Networks, Inc.          
    • “IntelaCare - Precision Medicine for the Underserved”

  • Hadi Shafiee, PhD. Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School      
    • “Home-based Semen Analysis: Towards Precision Medicine in Male Infertility Screening”

  • Katherine Steele. PhD, University of Washington 
    • “Optimizing Orthoses: Improving Function  Affordability  and Customizability of Assistive Devices”

  • Savas Tasolgu, PhD, University of Connecticut; Farzana Pashankar, MD, Yale School of Medicine, Matthew Heeney, MD, Harvard Medical School, Sebastian Pion, PhD, Institut de Recherche, Montreal
    • “Handheld Tool for Diagnosing and Monitoring Sickle Cell Disease”

  • Matthew Lerner & NeMo Team, Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design
    • “NeMo: Empowering New Mothers to Promote Neonatal Care”

We would like to congratulate the finalists and wish them luck in the next phase of the Challenge.  From these 7 finalists, 3 winning submissions will be announced at the annual HIMSS conference in February in Orlando.