CHALLENGE submissions

Challenge Details
Eligible Organizations: Individuals and organizations willing to abide by Challenge rules, including commitment to development in a way that maximizes interoperability and use of open standards.

Application Requirements:

  1. Team participants, bios, locations and motivations for participation
  2. Precision medicine tool concept or prototype description
  3. Description of the intended user(s), rationale and evidence that the envisioned Precision Medicine Tool or prototype would be used and provide value for the intended users
  4. Description of how the team and tool will facilitate participation in the Precision Medicine Initiative, or enable improving clinical care with PM
  5. Commitment to development in a way that maximizes interoperability and use of open standards 


  • Q&A Webinar: October 28, 2016

  • Concept Submission Deadline: Pre-proposal submissions are due November 21, 2016
    •  Deadline Extended to November 28th in consideration of the Thanksgiving Holiday
    • In response to requests to extend the deadline for submissions, the new deadline is November 28th, midnight Eastern time. We look froward to reviewing your proposal.


The Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology (CIMIT) is providing the Challenge application management infrastructure.  Use the following link to submit your application:​


  • First Price Winner $15K
  • Second Price Winner $7K
  • Third Price Winner $3k

Judging Criteria:
Criteria for evaluating Challenge applicants include:

  1. Degree to which the tool/solution supports scientifically valid data collection from individuals in underserved and/or rare disease communities in a way that contributes to the Precision Medicine cohort – 50%
  2. Degree to which the applicant team demonstrates that their tool/solution addresses a real world need of individuals in underserved and/or rare disease communities and is or is likely to be adopted and used– 30%
  3. Degree to which the tool/solution conforms and contributes to open interface and architecture standards (such as IEEE 11073, HL7, and ASTM F2761 ICE) and contributes back to open source/maker communities (such as OpenICE) – 20% and make OpenICE 

Concept Submission Dead

Precision Medicine Initiative

Challenge for the Underserved